Mergui Archipelago

Site Depth:

12 - 30 meters

Site Visibility:

15 - 40 meters


Can be strong

Difficulty Rating:



North Twin is the slightly smaller than it's sister island of South Twin which lies 20 km to the north away.

There are several interesting dive sites surrounding this island, the most beautiful area lies to the west, several hundred meters from the island itself.

It's almost a separate pinnacle with a series of sloping rocky ridges. Here you will find large, colorful sea fans and beautiful soft corals. It's a very striking dive and generally the water is more clear here than on other sites in the south. Local inhabitants include several groups of Teira Batfish, and schools of checkerboard wrasse and nurse sharks hidden under the overhangs.

North Twin Island's waters are visited by pelagic fish such as bull sharks, rainbow runners, and eagle rays.