Surin Islands - 13 n.miles Northeast of the Similan Islands

Site Depth:

12 - 50 meters

Site Visibility:

20 - 40 meters


Can be very strong

Difficulty Rating:


This is fast one of the best dive sites in Thailand. A series of large submerged sea mounds, making there way towards the island. A great dive site where it is possible to see manta ras, whale sharks, and many reef sharks. But if they are not there then you can always rely on the small stuff. Take a look in the califlower hard coral for frog fish and and wolf blennies. On the boulders, nudibranch's and flatworms are common. All around this dive site schools of hundred of thousands of fusiliers can be found. Around the mooring line it's normal to find long fin batfish who are very curious of divers.