Approximately 50 km South of Koh Lanta / 65 n.miles East of Phuket.

Site Depth:

0 - 70 meters

Site Visibility:

20 - 30 meters


Can be strong

Difficulty Rating:


Hin Muang (Purple Rock) is a completely submerged rock. It is very close to Hin Daeng (approx 500 meters apart). Named Purple Rock because it's dense covering of soft Purple corals, which can be found here. Even though it is very close to Hin Daeng it is a completly different dive site. Its features here the deepest drop off in Thai waters.

The large rock approximately 200 metres in length is covered with soft anemones, which look like fields. There is an incredibale amount of marine life to be found here among them are Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Great Barracudas, and Tuna. Try and swim off of the rocks to spot the many Manta Rays that can be found here along with the odd Whale Shark to.