Approximately 50 km South of Koh Lanta / 65 n.miles East of Phuket.

Site Depth:

0 - 35 meters

Site Visibility:

20 - 30 meters


Can be strong

Difficulty Rating:


Hin Daeng (Red Rock) is very close to Hin Muang (approx 500 meters apart) consists of walls, plateaus and rocks. A submerged pinnacle, where three rocks just break the surface. This is one of the very few dive sites in Thailand where you can see Grey reef sharks. Whale sharks and manta rays are also known to visit. Here you also might see leopard sharks, great barracudas, octopus, and shrimps. in the north there is a valley with small bolders inside which are completly jewelled with soft coral. Try and take a look in the cracks and crevices for many species of pipefish found here.