Mergui Archipelago

Site Depth:

0 - 20 meters

Site Visibility:

5 - 15 meters


Mild to moderate

Difficulty Rating:



Cúpola (Italian for dome) lies southwest from Kawthaung. Approximately 200 meters in diameter, this magnificent island is very special. Whilst submerged you can enter the island through an underwater passage approximately 10 meters in width, make your way through the cavern and come up into the center of island. Here you will find, sea gypsies living underground. The cavern covered with bamboo poles is heavilly guarded by the sea gypsies but after a coiuple of visits they have been quite friendly. The gypsies access inside of the cavern only at low tide. So there's not getting out until then!

Apart from the excitment of the cave itself, you may find many marlin, sailfish and leopard sharks here!