Mergui Archipelago

Site Depth:

0 - 35 meters

Site Visibility:

20 - 40 meters


Can be strong

Difficulty Rating:



The rocky pinnacles break the surface. The main dive is a small cove with a tunnel which exits on the other side of the island. The cove itself is usually crammed with snappers, groupers, jacks, trevallies etc. silvertip sharks often join the fun.

Consisting of three small islets. On the main islet there is an abdunace of marine life found from nurse sharks found in caves, to White tip reef sharks, sweetlips, and trevally.

On the north east side of the islet you will find Black and White Featherstars, and green Tube Corals and Cup Corals. Black and White Banded Sea Snakes and Black-blotched Fantail Rays hunt over the reef.

In the southwest the wall bottoms at 30 m. Look out for the macro marine life found in one of the many crevices. In all an excellent site for spotting a multitude of marine life.