Similan Islands - South of Shark Fin Reef near island no. 3 Koh Payan.

Site Depth:

12 - 40 meters

Site Visibility:

20 - 50 meters


Can be strong

Difficulty Rating:


This site consists of four very large granite boulders that run parallel to each other. They are 40 - 50 meters in length and 10 meters wide. In between the boulders and around the bolders is white sand and smaller boulders. This is a good dive site to spot Leopard Shark, White Tip Reef Sharks. Marine life is extensive here commonly seen are Manta Rays and the occasional Guitar Shark. On the boulders a lot of different types of Nudibranch's can be found. Big schools of Blue Dash Fusiliers, Robust Fusiliers, Unicorn Fish and Surgeon Fish frequent this site.