Similan Islands - 500m due east of Koh Miang Island no.4

Site Depth:

0 - 35 meters

Site Visibility:

20 - 50 meters


Mild / Strong

Difficulty Rating:


Here you will find a good example of the two types of dive sites found at the Similans. In the North you can find a slopping white sand sand bank covered with soft coral bommies. In the South East corner is where large grantinte boulders can be found adorned with Seafans and Sea Whips. Strange as it may seem Barracudas as seldom seen here! Generally the marine life found here consists of Pipefish, Batfish, Nudibranchs and chance to see Grey & White Tip Reef sharks. This is the only dive site in the Similans where the Jaw Fish has been found.