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Everyone dreams at some time or another of working abroad in a warm faraway country, away from the stress's of everyday life.
Here at Kon-Tiki we can help you to make your dreams come true.
Start your new career today with us and become a PADI Professional, from Divemaster to Instructor +++

For Instructor Development and advice meet our friendly Course Director Mona Fristedt who has not only a vast experience in diving but has been teaching in Thailand since 1991. Mona is one of the most experienced Course Directors in Phuket.

We can teach in a multitude of languages, from English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Italian, and German, other language available on request.

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Assistant Instructor
Pre Instructor Development Course, IDC Prep
Instructor Development Course, IDC
Instructor Examination, IE
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This is the first step to became professional. Being a Divemaster means you are authorized to lead fun divers, to assist instructors doing courses and to teach certain PADI programs.
As the entry to professional level in diver training, the PADI Divemaster Course plays a vital role within the PADI system of diver education.

What is a PADI Divemaster?
A Divemaster has exemplary diving skills, increased during the Course; can prevent and manage accidents, through the rescue skills; has professional-level knowledge of dive theory, developed with the theory lessons; is competent as certified assistant; is an excellent guide, perfectly developed in these warm crystal clear Andaman Sea.

To develop these characteristics each individual will perform five goals during their course:
1) To develop the knowledge, attitudes, judgment and skills for supervising certified divers in shore-based diving activities.
2) To develop the knowledge, attitudes, judgment and skills for assisting with training divers in PADI courses.
3) To develop the knowledge, attitudes, judgment and skills for independently conducting specific PADI programs for certified divers and non divers (e.g., Scuba Review, Discover Snorkeling, PADI Skin Diver course).
4) To develop the candidate’s dive theory knowledge, water skills, rescue skills and experience to the levels necessary to enter the PADI Assistant Instructor course and the PADI Instructor Development Course.
5) To promote each candidate’s growth to meet individual needs and interests and expectations in dive leaders (e.g., risk management, personal health and safety, the needs of the dive retailer).

The Divemaster Course is divided into three modules:
1) The Knowledge Development Module.
Consists of 12 topics:
- The role and characteristics of a PADI Divemaster
- Supervising diving activities for certified divers
- Assisting with student divers in training
- Dive theory introduction
- Physics
- Physiology
- Equipment
- Decompression theory and dive tables
- Divemaster conducted programs
- Risk management
- Business of diving
- Furthering your dive career
Candidates meet the performance requirements through a combination of independent study, classroom sessions and evaluation by written exams. They are also required to complete an Emergency Assistance Plan.
2) The Water skills and Stamina Module.
This module develops candidate skill to the role model level appropriate for demonstrating to student divers, and to prepare for higher training levels.
The Stamina and Development portion evaluates basic swimming skills.
During the Diver Rescue Assessment and Development phase the goal is to refine the candidate skills beyond the rescue diver level.
In the Confined Water skill Assessment and Development will evaluate and develop to demonstration quality the 18 basic scuba skills from the PADI Skill Evaluation.
3) The Practical Application Module.
In the Practical Application Module, candidates put into practice skills typical of a divemaster.
There are three Required Training Exercises (map making, underwater problem solving and a divemaster conducted program), followed by either an internship with specific criteria or four Practical Training Exercises.
The internship and Practical Training Exercises allow candidates to practice and develop divemaster skills with real or simulated student divers, and with real or simulated supervised divers.

The PADI Divemaster Course is a performance-based program, so the course duration will really depend on each individual, class size, and logistics. Please contact your Kon-Tiki dive center for further details on your course today.

- Prerequisite Certification: PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent, and PADI Rescue Diver or equivalent.
- Prerequisite dives: 20 to start training (Prior certification: 60)
- Minimum Age: 18 (by course start date)

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Assistant Instructor

If you want to increase your knowledge and build your abilities to organise and supervise dive activities, this is the perfect Course for you !
The PADI Assistant Instructor Course consists of formal training in conducting PADI programs and experience programs to learn how to construct effective teaching presentations, through independent study assignments, practical application sessions and examinations.

Duration: 3 days

- Be a PADI Divemaster or equivalent

Kon-Tiki PADI 5 Star IDC Center offers:
- Classrooms air-conditioned
- Classrooms with modern multimedia facilities
- Individual and professional attention and organization
- Perfect Logistics

The integration of training, opportunity for individual study, a quiet environment that fosters learning and round-the-clock availability of the Course Director and the Staff ensures optimum conditions in every respect for IDC candidates.
This atmosphere guarantees success for IDC candidates, which can be seen in our IE pass rate of 100%.

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Pre Instructor Development Course, IDC Prep

This two days course is really worth while, here you will review all of the dive theory from the five topics in the divemaster course, Physic, Physiology, RDP, Equipment and Skill & Environment. In preparation for the exams in the IDC.
You will practice from the Divemaster course all of the 20 skills from the skill circuit in a demonstration way.
Do you remember 5 Point Descent and Ascend in the right order? You will also review and practice some Rescue assessment.
The Prep course is highly recommended and will make your prepared for the next step, Your IDC.

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Instructor Development Course, IDC

The Instructor Development Course (IDC) is a 10-days training program which will teach you not only how to become a PADI Instructor but how to teach scuba diving whilst adhering to PADI standards.
Prior to the start of an IDC Program you will have completed all independent 16 knowledge review from IDC candidate Workbook, (this can be purchase before the course).

During the course you learn and complete various knowledge presentations from the Open Water Course, Rescue Diver Course, and Divemaster Course. You will also learn how to apply both micro teaching and prescriptive teaching methods.
Through classroom presentations you will learn about the Legal Responsibilities and PADI General Standard & Procedures.

During all presentations in and out of the water your Course Director and Staff Instructors will be ready to assist and advise you on how to improve your skills if necessary.

Upon successful completion of your IDC your Course Director will give you a completion form for your IDC and that is your “ticket" to enroll in IE.

Prerequisites IDC and AI:
- Certified as a PADI Divemaster or hold a leadership level certification with another recreational diver training organization
- At least 18 years old
- Fit for diving and submit a medical statement not older than 12 months
- Certified diver for at least 6 months and have documentation of experience in deep, night and navigation diving
- Submit proof of CPR and first aid training within the last 24 months
- Submit documentation of any equivalent certification for entry-level, advanced, rescue and leadership-level by another recreational diver training organization

Prerequisites OWSI Program:
- Certified as a PADI Assistant Instructor or as a current instructor member in good standing with another recreational diver training organization
- At least 18 years old
- Fit for diving and submit a medical statement not older than 12 months
- Certified diver for at least 6 months and have completed and logged at least 60 open water scuba dives and have documentation of experience in deep, night and navigation diving
- Submit proof of CPR and first aid training within the last 24 months
- Submit documentation of any equivalent certification for entry-level, advanced, rescue and leadership-level by another recreational diver training organization.

Required Documents (Copies and Original of the following documents):
- PADI Open Water Diver certification or equivalent
- PADI Advanced OWD certification or equivalent
- PADI Medic First Aid certification or equivalent including CPR within the last 24 months
- PADI Rescue Diver certification or equivalent
- PADI Divemaster or Assistant Instructor certification or equivalent
- Medical Statement within the last 12 month
- Logbook
- 3 pictures (passport size), for each additional Program 1 picture

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Instructor Examination, IE

The Instructor Examination is run directly by PADI and lasts two days.
Diving theory, presentations in the classroom and all confined water, open water and rescue skills are tested.

- -Successful completion of the OWSI Program or an entire IDC within 12 months of the start date of the IE
- -Have documentation of at last 100 logged dives including experience in deep, night and navigation diving
- Present a medical statement for a diving medical examination conducted within the past 12 months

Scuba Diving Instructor Continuing Education represents one of the pillars of the PADI System.
The PADI System of grades allows you to climb up to the next grade only when the previous one has been successfully completed.
In addition, further training expands your career opportunities, increases your value as an employee / member of staff.

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Emergency First Response Instructor, EFRI

Training in First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is important for both divers and non-divers.

In this one-day Course, we run realistic practical training units, backed up by videos.
PADI Emergency First Response Instructors are entitled to teach the PADI Emergency First Response Course, which is a requirement for the PADI Rescue Diver and PADI Advanced Plus Courses.
This additional qualification opens up extra flexibility and opportunities for work and income in the dive industry.

- Renewed PADI Assistant Instructor or higher
- Attendance at an PADI EFR Course

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Master Scuba Diver Trainer, MSDT Prep

The demand for special courses has increased considerably over recent years, with the result that many of the larger diving schools prefer Diving Instructors who can teach these courses.
Master Scuba Diver Trainer status is often an employment requirement in this regard.

During the 3-day Program you will receive training in the following specialties:
-Night or Boat

In the MSDT Prep. Course, any combination of the specialties listed below can chosen on request. Arrangements and prices by e-mail !

- Renewed PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor in teaching status

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DAN Oxygen Provider Course

On the first day of the Course the DAN Oxygen Provider Course is held, backed up by a series of slides.
This Course includes both theory (anatomy and the function of the respiratory and cardio-circulatory system, signs and symptoms of diving accidents, the therapeutic effects of oxygen, statistical data on diving accidents, equipment for emergency aid with oxygen, immediate measures in the case of diving accidents) and practical exercises and skills (knowledge and elements of oxygen equipment, safe use of equipment in the event of accident, knowledge of the content of the DAN oxygen pack).
On the second day of the Course we concentrate on teaching knowledge, on supplementary explanations of theory and practice and on DAN Standards, backed up by slides and video.

Note: the DAN Oxygen Provider Course is recommended for Divemaster and above !

- Instructor in teaching status with a diving organization
- First aid and CPR course not older than 2 years

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IDC Staff Instructor Course

During a period of 11-days the IDC Staff candidate receives instruction directly from the Course Director. The candidate will help and give instruction on effective training of PADI Assistant Instructors, the procedures and philosophy of PADI Diving Instructor Training, objective evaluation criteria, evaluation techniques and counseling skills. Whilst giving instruction the candidates performance will be measured.
Upon completion of the Course,the PADI IDC Staff Instructors are authorised to assist on IDC's and to teach some parts of the IDC themselves under the supervision of the Course Director.
In addition, IDC Staff Instructors are authorised to train and certify PADI Assistant Instructors at PADI 5 Star Dive Enters or PADI Gold Palm Resorts.

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Status Update Program

The primary goal of the Status Update Program is to orient PADI Instructors to changes in PADI Standards, allowing them to return to Teaching Status after a lapse in PADI Membership. The Status Update is also an effective refresher Course for renewed PADI Instructors. In some instances, PADI Members may be assigned to attend a Status Update for specific remediation by the PADI Quality Management Committee.
In this 2-days Program the Course Director will present the following topics:
-Standards Revisions Review
-New Materials Orientation
-General Standards & Procedures
-Legal Responsibility and Risk Management
-Business Principles for the Dive Professionals
-The PADI Continuing Education Philosophy

The Course Director must contact PADI prior to the start of the Status Update
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